Facts regarding Connecticut's Failed Early Release Program

  • Early Release Start date: September 1, 2011
  • Convicts released early so far: 44,956 convicts who received have been discharged 56,163 times
  • 16,750 violent crimes committed post discharge
  • 155 early release convicts have been reincarcerated for murder and manslaughter after they were discharged from prison
  • 228 early release convicts have been reincarcerated for sexual assault after they were discharged early from prison
  • 369 murders and rapes equal 1 murder or rape every 7.6 days by a "reformed" early release inmate
  • 926 crimes against children committed by early release convicts after they were released from prison
  • 2,981 violent assaults committed post discharge by early release convicts
  • 3,869 early release inmates incarcerated for drug dealing or drug related charges post early release
  • 2,977 robberies or burglaries committed by early release inmates after early discharge from prison
  • 2,019 criminal violation of a protective order
  • 518 strangulations and kidnappings