Since September of 2011 Connecticut has prematurely freed more than 40,000 hardened criminals from jail under the so-called "Early Release Law". More than 16,000 of these “reformed” criminals have been re-arrested after having committed more violent crimes including murder, rape, strangulation and kidnapping after they had been let loose before serving their complete sentences because they received “risk reduction” credits under this flawed law.

Through a Freedom of Information Act agreement with the Department of Correction former state senator Len Suzio obtains thousands of criminal inmate records semi-annually. A summary of the violent crimes committed to date by these convicts after they were discharged early from Connecticut prisons because of so-called “risk reduction” credits can be found here.

You can make a difference by joining thousands of other Connecticut citizens demanding an end to this reckless law. The first step is to call for a public hearing on the catastrophic wave of crimes committed by criminals released early from prison under the program.

Sign the petition below to begin the process of ending Early Release in Connecticut

We the undersigned petitioners call upon Governor Lamont and the Connecticut Legislature to end the so-called "Early Release Law" that prematurely frees from jail hardened criminals guilty of such heinous crimes as rape, child molestation, arson, armed robbery and other vicious and violent crimes. Thousands of violent crimes, including murder, rape, kidnapping, strangulation and criminal assaults, attest to the catastrophic failure of this bad law. It is time to put the safety of Connecticut families ahead of misplaced sympathy for hardened criminals. We insist the Legislature having hearings on the 8 year track record of failure under the so-called Early Release law and consider legislation to terminate or dramatically restrict Connecticut's fatally flawed Early Release Program as soon as possible.